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     The Apostles of Jesus and His friends and followers had the unique experience of companionship with the greatest one who ever walked the planet! Probably all believers have wished for that privilege at one time or another. However, a closer look at the words of Jesus places you and I in a much better situation!  "And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever"(St.Jn.14:16). Now compare the Apostle's temporary walk with Jesus , to what He has prepared for you and I who have become one with this unique Comforter! The word "another" signifies different, brand new and quite glorious!

     Share in my excitement as we look at two definitions of "may abide". I saw where it meant to "indwell and endure". I also saw it meant to "remain and be steadfast". The knowledge that Jesus was with them but now is in us in a steadfast endurance developing a personal relationship as close as one dares to commit to Him is astounding! His internal friendship renovates my mind, my eyes and ears, and any thing else I will submit to Him including my tongue. The verse closes with the words "he may abide with you forever". My Study Bible shows three meanings for "forever". First, unto the end of the age, second, unto the end of the world and finally He abides throughout all eternity! As King David said: "Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it"(Psalms 139:6).  

     Consider this verse from the Amplified Bible: "However I am telling you nothing but the truth when I say it is profitable good expedient advantageous for you that I go away Because if I go not away the Comforter Counselor Helper Advocate Intercessor Strengthener Standby will not come to you into close fellowship with you. But if I go away I will send Him to you to be in close fellowship with you" (St. Jn.16:7) What a glorious friend we have in Jesus, He wears many different hats! As Comforter He is always willing and able to help. As Counselor He gives expert advice! As Advocate He is my on staff Attorney! As Intercessor He's my connector to the Spirit Realm!  He's supernatural strength who is always on call and anything else located in the "I Am"!

     The Bible says; The Holy Ghost which is the Spirit of Truth will show you things to come, so we don't need a Psychic. Here's the revelation; the Holy Ghost offers hindsight, insight and foresight. Many things that happen to the saints of God are to become part of our "spiritual portfolio". Hindsight is receiving the understanding of a happening after its occurrence. This insures we don't make same mistakes over and over and also relieves worry. Insight is a "right now" knowing. It is a major part of "discerning of spirits". Insight is synonymous with understanding! The peace of God usually comes when the root of a problem is exposed and dealt with in the light of God's Word. Some things to weed out of our Spirit are bitterness, guilt, unforgiveness and doubt. Foresight is the ability to judge correctly meaningful events ahead of us. By the Spirit we can catch a "pre-vision" of an event, discerning how to shape it for good or stop it if it's evil. It's more than just saying "I told you so".  All things work together for good to God's called ones.
In-Christ Always Elmer Hart

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