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Some Seed Fell On Good Ground

Have you ever felt like you've been plowed as a garden is plowed?

Many times in life while trying to walk upright before God it seems like you have been dealt a low blow. 

Everything you go to do ends up in major disappointment.  You keep going, believing that will not happen to me anymore, but to much surprise something even bigger than what previously hit your life is upon you.  You begin to pray more than ever before and for a small season it seems like finally God is going to get this thing out of your life.

Next come the Devils to pick your reputation apart.  They tell you how God doesn't care about you and more things keep coming upon you. After awhile it seems like you are fighting a losing battle.  Your friends and family begin to think that there must be something you are doing wrong with your life. 

You are more determined to get help from The Lord Jesus and its seems as if he does not hear you.

Now you are at a place where you just don't have any fight left in you and suddenly everything is beginning to bring favor.

I myself have experienced much of this same type of events many times over in my own life and now looking back, how thankful I really am!

You see what I didn't understand at the time,,,I HAD TO BE PLOWED. Just as a natural garden must be plowed and conditioned so that the ground is good for that good seed.

Jesus spoke about the SOWER and THE SEED that went forth to sow  seed in his field.  He explained the parable to his disciples that The sower was God and the field is the world.  Some seed fell on stony ground.  Some seed fell by the wayside.  Some seed fell among thorns, BUT some SEED fell on GOOD  GROUND.  All the seed that fell everywhere else and not on the good ground because of not being prepared for this great seed withered away and never did develop to what it was to become.  The seed that fell on good ground in its growth brought forth much fruit.  The first season it brought forth 30 times more and later it brought forth 60 times more.  It even doubled.   Now this good ground is going to bring forth 100 times more.  
    As this ground was plowed for this blessed production of goods so is our lives after we have been plowed.  Take notice when Jesus said, and Some seed fell on good ground.  If you fill that your life has been plowed all to pieces you are GOOD  GROUND.  When he sows seed in you it will surely grow proper and valuable.  It will become exactly what the seed it's self came. 

Oh praise GOD just to know now his seed is in us and it's going to produce Gods Devine will forever. Friend lift up your voice and rejoice that God chose you to become good ground.

   Jesus knows where his Garden is.  Stay strong dear believer, God watches over the garden that he plants.                 ~Bro. James Ferguson

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