Some times in our life we grow weary of well doing. Sometimes we look around and say, Who really cares anymore? A person that has been giving their best with all the works and ability they have just so others may be blessed finds there self feeling forgotten. It's at times like this you find yourself thinking, why should I care? This allows the devils go to work to try to show how ineffective you are and starts to tell you everyone has forgotten about you. Oh what a LIAR he is! Remember you cannot be a liar if you're not saying something! When this happens in your life my friend, that is a sure sign that you are doing good. The Word of the LORD tells us that GOD is NOT FORGETFUL that he would forget what manner of love that we show toward his Name. Also the Bible says, all that you do in Word or Deed to do as doing it To Him. I say friend, be assured YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!

I am reminded of a time back in my life when I had gotten to where I felt that no one care and had gotten so low in spirit that I even cried "LORD do you CARE,  HAVE  YOU  FORGOTTEN  ME?!?!  Feeling all alone, after crying out several days like this late one evening, while crying and praying, all of a sudden I felt a calmness come over me then I heard the LORD speak these words::Can a MOTHER FORGET HER SUCKING CHILD that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb??  Yea tho she may forget,  I will never FORGET THEE.(Isaiah 49:15) Oh what a difference that made in my life. Friend, this is why I can tell you, you are not forgotten! The Good Lord really cares about you and all that you do in well doing and nothing will go unknown to him. Sometimes it even takes years to see you good works come forth. Just remember you are not forgotten.

I remember another time when I was about six years old growing up in a coal camp area when times were very hard. My Grandmother Ferguson was at our house and being a great woman of faith and trust in the Lord I heard her telling those at our house that day, When you pray and believe with all your heart then GOD will answer. I slipped out the back door after hearing her say that and set on the top step and put my hands together under my chin closed my eyes and prayed.  I prayed,  dear Lord Jesus  give me a new pair of pants. Oh I believed like grandmother had said! I didn't know how it would happen but I just knew there was going to be a new pair of pants. When I opened my eyes I looked all around and there were no pants. Being six years old I even looked up thinking they might be coming down from the sky but, there were no pants. I could not understand why i didn't get them. I thought he didn't hear me because I was just a little boy. Several years went by and I was 24yrs of age coming home from work in a hurry to go to a gathering that evening and after showering I was standing at my closet trying to decide what pants to wear...... Suddenly I heard my voice when I was that child praying ; "Dear Jesus, give me a pair of pants". Then I heard the Lord say;;;"There they are"! I begin to cry, dear LORD.  I  FORGOT but LORD you DIDN'T!!   Oh this is why I say to you friend, YOU ARE  not FORGOTTEN. When you feel like no one cares, just remember, your works of well doing has not been in vain. Our Dear Lord sees all that you do and have done. His Word is still true;;;I'LL  NEVER  FORGET  THEE.  He really does care.                                                                     

                                                                                                         Bro. Ferguson 


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